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Creation of a Dream Youth Group


Back-to-School Catfish and BBQ Fundraiser

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Salute to the Community Breakfast

Honoring Desiree Terrell

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ULPPR promotes equality and opportunities for the socio-economically disadvantaged by providing and supporting educational programs, fostering economic empowerment, and public advocacy.



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Creation of a Dream Youth Group

Open enrollment 

Group meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday each month

5:00 to 6:30 PM

Urbanites building, 506 East Moreno Ave.

Free activities for children ages 6-12

Parents--Are your children at risk?
Families Invested in Reading Excellence
Are they at grade-level in school? 

Do they struggle with reading?

Do they have the learning skills to achieve their full potential?

Contact us to learn more about how our programs can help your children thrive in school.

Irlen Project

  1. 10-12% of the population have Irlen Syndrome
  2. It is not an optical vision issue
  3. For some, reading is difficult because the brain cannot easily process all of the light bouncing off a page of text or from a computer screen
  4. Letters or words may move, it may cause headaches, it may cause trouble with tracking, or it may cause tiredness or attention issues
  5. Quick online screening tool